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The season is over...but the SACC Bar is not

It's a couple of weeks now since the curtain closed on quite possibly the most odd season of cricket at Sarisbury, we're even now officially into Autumn. First of all, a big thank you to all the volunteers, helpers, parents and spectators for all that's been done during the short season - in light of all the Covid related challenges, the season went well, even if it was extra short!

That being said, it's not quite all over at SACC.......because those lovely folks who manage the clubhouse bar (thanks Jamie & Emma) are opening up on selected days throughout the off-season and the first one is coming up!

So get in quick to book your spot!

Date: Saturday 3rd October

Opening Times: 12pm until 9pm

Booking Required?: Yes

Restrictions: Tables of 4, maximum of 5 tables available

For more details or to book a table, please contact us via Facebook, the website or on email at secretarysacc@mail.com

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