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SACC are back!!

Oh yes, that's right, we are now starting to get things back on track, but it won't be quite 100% yet.

So what is happening I hear you all say? Well, there is lots going on in terms of planning.

First and foremost, the season itself has officially been abandoned, competitive cricket is just not possible at the moment and neither are friendlies at the time of writing. That being said, training is getting back up and running.

We are shortly about to start operating small group (bubble) training sessions for Colts with our new roll-on nets. Spaces are limited for obvious reasons, but if you have any questions about attending these training sessions please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing secretarySACC@mail.com.

We will be operating training sessions in line with all government and ECB guidelines, and will be providing hand sanitiser too. The club house facilities however continue to be completely closed.

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