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22nd February 2021

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It's been an odd off-season, but optimism for the 2021 season and some small glimmers of hope mean planning and preparations have been ongoing.

It's the 22nd February 2021, and Boris has just announced his "roadmap" out of lockdown, with the intention of making it all irreversible in his words.

No matter where your political allegiances sit, I think we can all agree that if we can achieve that, we will all be much happier for it.

And so attention turns to the forthcoming 2021 season.

Fixtures are now released (have a look at our fixtures page for more info) and plans and discussions for what we might be able to achieve this season and how we can maximise the enjoyment for all of coming back to the club after a torrid last 12mths are underway.

This week sees our AGM take place too, albeit a virtual one this year, so things are bowling along nicely (pun most definitely intended)

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13th July 2020

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Well, what a difference a couple of weeks make! 2 weeks ago, the club was still closed, now we are delighted to have started cricket once again!

Following the release of the latest government and ECB guidelines, we were finally able to open up the club for cricket, albeit with restrictions and social distancing in place.

An immense amount of planning and work in a short space of time took place in order to get the club ready, and ensure we could operate safely and in line with guidelines, and we would like to thank everyone who contributed in any way to help get us up and running again.

A lot of further work is currently going on, organising fixtures for the coming weeks and all the details will be released ASAP.

We will continue to try and innovate and adapt within the guidelines and rules we have to adhere to, so keep an eye on our website, social media channels and emails for further updates.

In the meantime, check out the PDF's listed below for more detailed guidance about cricket match and match day guidelines:

29th June 2020

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In light of the current Covid-19 situation the club is currently closed, however we are busy making plans for future events in the hope we can start opening properly soon. In the meantime, please see the latest statements from Hampshire Cricket League. We will update these notices periodically.

2nd Joint Statement by Hampshire Cricket Board, Hampshire Cricket League & Southern Premier Cricket League - https://www.hantscl.com/2020/2nd-joint-statement-hcl-2020-season-abandoned-26-june-2020/

Friday 26th June 2020

Following our first joint statement on 5th June between the county cricket board and the two major leagues in Hampshire, we wanted to release a further update as to our planning for the return of cricket in the surrounding area.

While recreational cricket still remains suspended and despite the recent comments from the Prime Minister the ECB has released confirmation that they remain confident that cricket can move toward Stage 4 on the previously released roadmap to cricket, meaning that adapted game play should be possible together with COVID secure guidelines.

At the time of writing there is no indication as to when the next update will come from either the Department of Culture, Media and Sport or the ECB. In the meantime, we believe it to be prudent to continue to plan in a positive way.

In recent discussions, both leagues in Hampshire have agreed what their approach to games will be in the hope that we will still cricket during the 2020 season.

Hampshire Cricket League

  • The competitive League Season is to be abandoned and will be using their existing fixture structure to provide friendly cricket for those clubs who would like it. The format will be entirely up to the teams on the day, although we would recommend 30/40 over matches.

  • If there are clubs that are not able to take part in their originally published fixtures they will be invited to arrange their own friendly or contact The League for guidance.

  • The HCL have no objections to teams playing local matches subject to their ground availability, as long as we know in advance that clubs are not using the 2020 fixtures and we know their original opponents are without a game.

  • We would encourage all members to “Get The Game On” whether playing Saturdays, Sundays and in September, making up for lost time.

Southern Premier Cricket League

  • Providing 11 aside cricket is allowed in due course, they will be combining the Premier League with Division 1 and combining Division 2 and 3 to provide a competitive league cup. Entry into the competition will be completely optional and clubs will be contacted in due course

  • The existing fixture structure will be used, but the league will work with clubs who still would like to enter but do not have access to their normal ground.

  • Dependant on anticipated COVID secure guidelines, game format will start at 40 overs but will drop no lower than 20.

All 3 organisations remain committed to working with clubs to try and facilitate as much cricket as possible and will provide further ECB COVID guidance when it is available.

Please continue to refer to the joint COVID-19 FAQs which is updated on a regular basis.

Ben Thompson – Director, Hampshire Cricket Board

Denis Emery – Chairman, Hampshire Cricket League

Steve Vear MBE – Chairman, Southern Premier Cricket League