Our Friendly Team

Meet some of the folks behind SACC

Bob Joyce


Hazel Oliphant

Club Secretary & Assistant Treasurer

Andy Oliphant

Head Groundsman

Bob has been there, seen it and done it where SACC is concerned. A veteran of the club with a keen eye for the game!

20 years of SACC service, Hazel is the hub. From admin to enquiries as well as club finances, Hazel keeps everyone and everything organised!

You'll often find Andy out on the pitches, checking, testing and analysing each blade of grass! Passionate about the grounds, it's Andys hard work that help us have such great pitches and home ground

Tim Martin

Colts Co-Ordinator

Chris Bolton


Tracy Martin

Membership Secretary

Tim looks after everything Colts related, and with so many youth players and teams it's a big challenge but our Colts structure and players continue to thrive and grow each year.

Chris is one of the "go to" people at the club. A wise head, superb player and Captain of our 2nd Team also, his role as Vice Chairman is key.

As Membership Secretary, Tracy is involved in many aspects of the club, often being the linch pin of all things happening, be it on or off-season., around everything to do with memberships. 

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